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PC Magazine was also acquired by Ziff Davis. Martin, and others. In February , PC World ' s number of paid subscriptions reached a record of 1,, At the time, it was the first and only computing magazine with a monthly release schedule to hit that mark. As of , PC World ' s audited rate base of , made it the largest circulation computing magazine in the world. On July 10, , owner IDG announced [9] that the magazine would cease its thirty-year print run. The August issue was the last printed of the magazine PC World , future issues would be digital only.

Based in San Francisco, PC World ' s original edition is published in the United States however it is also available in other countries 51 in total , sometimes under a different name:.

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In May , McCracken resigned abruptly under controversial circumstances. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the electronics magazine. For the British retailer, see PC World retailer. For the defunct British magazine, see Personal Computer World. Computer magazine. This section may have too many links to other articles , and could require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. One great post called it the "Costa Cordia" of websites "lying smashed on the rocks" As any licence fee payer will tell you, that is a complete and utter waste of time and licence fee. Please do not continue with these absurdities and please stop for one day, look yourselves in the mirror, take a deep breathe and then forget this hair-brained idea i beg you.

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I think the argument about paying for any TV content is now completely out the window. In a couple of years time organisations such as Google, Apple and not forgetting YouView will be charging for some if not all content and that seems to be the way the whole market is headed. Wake up guys, in years time, i kid you not, all terrestrial sport could be on Al-Jazeera the way things are going. Check it out, they already have an enormous budget and screen a host of world-wide sport in America and other countries. I have never spoken to anyone, ever, who wants their data spread online. Anyway what data?

The clippet of article is so small it is almost meaningless. Can you not find anything useful to write about Nick?? Why should anyone at the BBC care about what Facebook users are concerned about. Thats Facebook's job. Concentrate on what the BBC does, not other organisations. Lets hope you don't ruin the Iplayer page as you have done the rest of the BBC sites. Thanks for listening!!!! Complain about this comment Comment number 6.

Complain about this comment Comment number 7. This entry is now closed for comments. For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage.

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Links to conversations and stories about the BBC's online activities. The links on this blog and its delicious stream are chosen by Eliza Kessler and Nick Reynolds. Follow bbcinternetlinks on Twitter. Search term:. Read more. Reissue of a tech memo of Dec 30, Exhibited at the Computer Museum, Boston, b Title page picture, pt. Entries in italics are non-USA. Created the first computer language for concisely describing image computations.



Sep Altamira Software Corporation. They Render unto Bill. Member of the journal editorial board, Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. Member, National Academy of Engineering, elected Feb Member, Sons of the Republic of Texas, approved 30 Jul Member of the Planning Panel for Electronic Imaging, Instrumental in inaugurating the Visible Human Project. I contributed negotiations and scientific calculations to his project.

Shasta, altitude 14, feet 4, meters , Siskiyou County, California, 6 Jun , the day after Bobby Kennedy was killed. I was accompanied by my friends Bob Kadlec and Bob Tripodi.

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We dedicated the climb, in a book at the summit, to Bobby. Designed an antenna broadband equiangular spiral for the first Nimbus weather satellite using computer graphics. My first computer graphics Mountain climbing, solo ascent of volcano Popocateptl, altitude 17, feet 5, meters , near Mexico City, Easter Week.

New York: Harper Perennial, See item a below. Interviewed by Andrew Warner, for mixergy. A Animation , 23 May See also www. This was another part of the On the Same Page program see next. Altamira Software Corp. Cofounder, President, and Board Member. Sold Altamira to Microsoft in Sep Lucasfilm Ltd.

Made original approach with Ed Catmull to Lucasfilm. California Institute of Technology CalTech. Computer Graphics Laboratory. Senior Scientist.

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Computer Sciences Laboratory. Visiting Scientist. University of California at Berkeley. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. Visiting Associate Professor. New York University. Associate Professor. New Mexico State University. Physical Sciences Laboratory, Electromagnetics Section. Elected member of the National Academy of Engineering, 10 Feb The Dawn of Digital Light.