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In the latest edition of Animal Tracks, we highlighted former Animal Humane Society pets now working in the community.

5 Organizations That Rescue Shelter Dogs to be Service Animals - Goodnet

Three more animals recently joined the working-pet ranks. The New Hope-based organization trains assistance dogs to help people with disabilities, scouting rescues like AHS for potential candidates whenever possible. Through Can Do Canines, she has been paired with Nathalia, a University of Minnesota graduate student who has been profoundly deaf since birth. When a sound occurs Darla runs over, gives Nathalia a light touch with her paw, and leads the way to the source of the sound. Lila, a 2-year-old terrier mix, has been placed with Megan, a graphic designer who started losing her hearing when she was just a toddler.

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Over the years Megan tried various tools to help with her hearing loss, including two cochlear implants. Lila alerts to sounds such as fire alarms and door knocks. Having Lila has helped Megan feel safer and more comfortable about living on her own. She now assists Judy, who has been coping with progressive hearing loss for 36 years.

Service Dogs for Veterans Application

As such, you should consider dogs within a few months of a year old to 2. You need to see the dog move and run. There should be absolutely no lameness, limping or oddities in gait. A dog who keeps a naturally clean space and who tends to be quiet is a huge, huge, huge plus.

5 Organizations That Rescue Shelter Dogs to be Service Animals

When you first walk into a shelter kennel room, the barking is usually overwhelming. How willing is the dog to interact with you?

Any tail thumping? Relaxed body language? If the dog is relaxed and readily comes forward to interact with the evaluator, definitely ask to spend some one on one time with said critter. Dogs who complete Service Dog training successfully typically have the following traits not at all a comprehensive list :. First , make sure the dog wants to be with people. Lots and lots and lots of dogs are aloof and independent. They could care less whether a person is there or not. A dog who enjoys the company of people will want to check in with you.

In a nutshell, you want a dog who is more interested in YOU, the evaluator, than in things going on around them. Try luring the dog into sits or downs — does he readily follow the lure, or at least try to?

How many times will the dog lure? You want a dog who is willing to continue to engage and who is able to stay on task, or who is at least willing to continue to try. Fourth , put the dog on leash, and just step on the end. Just stand quietly and wait. In a quiet location, with little going on, a dog who is on leash and who has a natural tendency to be a calm, relaxed sorta dog, will readily chill or settle. Fifth, check the dog for touch sensitivity. Pet the dog all over his head, body, belly, legs and tail.

Touch the ears. Lift them. Look at the teeth. Handle his feet. Gently pinch the skin between the toes. Evaluating Rescue Dogs For Service Dog Training: Final Considerations In a nutshell, Service Dogs have to be stable, steady and calm in all situations and environments, readily able to learn, willing to interact with people for hours upon hours a day, possess the independence to perform task work without being guided through every single step, and have the intelligence to learn complicated behaviors.

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For the past several months, Sean has completed his course work to become a certified dog trainer, and has worked along side his mentor for field training and observation. Prior to working at the shelter, Sean expressed that he didn't have a clear path on what he wanted to do with his career, but now, he can't imagine working anywhere else.

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Sean is passionate about canine behavior and training because he is able to devote time to helping dogs that others may not have the skills or knowledge to be able to help these special needs. During the course of training, our service pup will live with Sean's family and make regular appearances at the shelter.

Can A Rescue Dog Become A Service Dog? Pt. 1 - TheExtraTomboy

Applying for a service dog can be time consuming, but we are here to help you through the process. Once we verify that you are eligible, we will send you a formal application. There is no fee to apply for our service.