Friend of the Devil

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A Friend of the Devil is a Friend of Mine

Deadheads with tattoos, dreadlocks, beads, bandanas and tie-dye tees filled the massive stadium. The air was thick with the sweet, pungent fumes from countless marijuana cigarettes. And when Jerry began singing, the crowd went completely silent, each one transported into his or her own private universe. Dead bootlegs could only be traded on the underground. They could not be bought or sold for cash. At the time of his death in August , Jerry Garcia was the most recorded guitarist in history. By some estimates, more than 2, Grateful Dead concerts, and 1, Jerry Garcia Band concerts existed on tape — as well as numerous studio recordings.

Approximately 15, hours of his performances have been preserved for posterity. In one of the most epic careers in rock music, the band played at such iconic sixties rock events as the Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock.

Friend Of The Devil

In , they performed with the Allman Brothers band for a show in upstate New York, before an estimated crowd of ,, memorialized in the Guinness book as the single largest audience at a musical event. And in , they played a concert at the base of the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Friend of the Devil (Live) (2008 Remaster)

But not before he had created an alternative American reality that still lives on through the vast ecosystem of bootleg recordings, folklore, lyrics and the Deadhead community. The remaining ashes were scattered into the San Francisco bay. We were exhausted, sweaty and exhilarated by the end of the show.

Friend of the Devil Songtext

We had flowers in our hair and stars in our eyes. During the course of the evening, Jamal had also met the woman who would one day become his wife and the mother of his children. After the show, I vividly remember driving out on the New Jersey turnpike and feeling totally disoriented, like a rabbit in the headlights of oncoming traffic. For a few moments, I did not know who or where I was.

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The music swirled through me and around me, every word an epiphany, every chord a revelation. Suddenly it all made sense again.

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But as luck would have it, Jerry Garcia was playing pedal steel talented guy with NRPS in those days and, as noted above, Hunter was crashing at his place. So, back to his story Hunter continues I took the tape home and left it on the kitchen table. Next morning I heard earlybird Garcia who hadn't been at the rehearsal - had a gig, you know wanging away something familiar sounding on the peddle steel. Danged if it wasn't "Friend of the Devil. He was not in the least apologetic about it. He'd played the tape, liked it, and faster than you can say dog my cats it was in the Grateful Dead repertoire.

And stayed in their repertoire from that day forth. Later that year it became the second track on their now-classic album, American Beauty. At that time, they were performing it as an acoustic number and at a pretty good clip as we will. Here's a sampling of that cut:. Since our Community Guitar arrangement doesn't provide the melody for the bridge -- and you may not know it -- here's clip from that same recording that shows you what earlybird Garcia came up with for that section, working from Hunter's original verse.

Audio clip: the bridge to Friend of the Devil from American Beauty. Got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night, The first ones named sweet anne marie, and she's my hearts delight. The second one is prison, babe, the sheriffs on my trail, And if he catches up with me, I'll spend my life in jail. Got a wife in chino, babe, and one in cherokee The first one says she's got my child, but it don't look like me. Set out runnin but I take my time, A friend of the devil is a friend of mine, If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.

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